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Sweeten Your Brooklyn Wedding with These Unique Reception Dessert Ideas

July 2, 2011

Move over old-fashioned wedding cake, and welcome the innovative wedding desserts that are taking over Brooklyn wedding receptions.

A wedding is supposed to be a chance to let down your hair and party! Everyone loves eating cake because it reminds us of when we were kids at birthday parties! Who says as an adult you can’t continue to celebrate?

They say first comes love, then dessert. Here’s some cute and creative dessert stations to show your guests how much you love them by letting them have fun with sugar and chocolate.

1. Mini-Dessert Bar – Let your guests eat cake if they want, but give them other yummy options like mini cheesecakes, individual strawberry shortcakes, champagne flutes of chocolate mousse and key lime pie martinis. A dessert bar gives your guests these options!

A dessert bar is a great way to personalize your reception by showing guests a glimpses of your favorite tastes.

Get double use out of the dessert bar and use it as decoration and replace the centerpiece with a multi-level dessert presentation.

Guests will love creating a plate out of sprinkles and pies at your Brooklyn wedding reception.

2. Bright Candy Bar – Really tempt your guest with an interactive candy bar at your Brooklyn wedding!

Guests will enjoy sharing in the celebration with sugar and frosting!

Select an assortment of your favorite treats and create a table for all of the ingredients. Encourage your friends and family to design their own desserts!

Cupcake Displays are a Creative Alternative for Your Brooklyn Wedding Reception

3. Chocolate Fountain – Chocolate is becoming the new cake at Brooklyn wedding receptions. Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially if it’s covering strawberries, bananas, pretzels, or chips? Chocolate fountains can be classy and gourmet, and it will be sure to have your guests talking.

Let your guests indulge in a sweet moment that fills the room as they dance the night away.

Brooklyn weddings are supposed to be fun. These creative wedding dessert stations are an innovative and clever way to incorporate your guests on your special day.

Sugar and chocolate always brings smiles. Let your Brooklyn wedding reception be remembered by all!

Life is short, eat dessert first!


5 Creative Reception Acts to Guarantee Your Brooklyn Wedding Will Never be Forgotten

June 23, 2011

When it comes to planning a wedding, there isn’t a set of rules to follow. It’s your day and you can be as creative as you want, and color outside the lines however you see fit.

If you want your special day to truly be remembered by all, here are some fun and amusing reception acts and tricks to consider using at your Brooklyn wedding so your guests will never forget your special day.

1. Caricaturist. – Bring the color to your reception. A caricaturist is a fun way to capture the mood. Laugh at finished pictures and frame them for memories never to be forgotten.

2. Flash Mob. – We all know that a reception is the place to show off your amazing dance skills in your boogie shoes. What better way to get everyone in the dancing mood than hiring a Flash Mob to lead the place in a dance routine mixed with all forms of dancing ranging from jazz, hip-hop, to classic Indian Kathak.

3. Photo Booth. – Who doesn’t enjoy making funny faces with friends and snapping away? Feel like a celebrity and truly capture the moment and freeze it. Usually the booth can print up to 6 photos per strip.

A Photo Booth is an Unique Brooklyn Wedding Reception Idea

4. Light show and Fireworks. – If your reception is outside, then coloring the sky with a light show is a sure way to bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Whether its a twinkling starlight display during dinner, or a bright psychedelic rainbow show during the dance party, your reception will be what everyone keeps talking about the following morning and days to follow. Really be creative and have a fireworks display to conclude the evening.

5. Celebrity Impersonators.  – Does your significant other love Elvis? Do they have every Michael Jaskson CD ever made? Then a celebrity impersonator is a great way to get them to smile and reinforce how well you know them. Your guests will love the mini show.

Brooklyn Weddings are an opportunity to be creative, have fun and capture the special moment. These five different reception ideas are fun ways to let your Brooklyn wedding stand out!

Your wedding day is the start of something great. Let your reception truly be a time to celebrate.