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Think Pink For Prom

January 17, 2017

Prom season starts in a few months and the time is now to book your limousine.  Arriving at your prom is most likely the best part of the event.  Most participants want to be noticed in a cool way.  One of the popular ways is to arrive in a limousine that stands out among the pack.  Call us at Five Towns Limousines if your from the New York area and check out our cool limousines. We have the largest fleet of hot pink limos in the tri state area. Book early as we do get swamped with requests. So think pink when considering your prom limo this year.  Congratulations on graduation day.Pink Escalade LimousinePink Hummer LimousineIMG_0746[1]


Make Your Sweet Sixteen Spectacular With Pink Hummer Limousines

April 25, 2012

If you are a diva and your sixteenth birthday is coming up, you know you want it to be the biggest party any of your friends have ever seen. You want to arrive in the lap of luxury, like a true princess entering her court. Nothing says Teenage Royalty like arriving to your sweet sixteen celebration than with one of a fleet of pink hummer limousines.

When it’s your sweet sixteen celebration, you simply have to pull out all the stops. Every limousine comes with a licensed, professional driver who will drive you and your party all over town and wherever you need to go. Most limos come with an incredible sound system, a sun-roof, and complimentary sparkling grape juice so you and your friends can indulge in the finest luxuries on your sweet sixteenth.

Some girls prefer a nice night out on the town with their closest friends, while others prefer a huge ball to wow their entire school. Regardless of your tastes, a pink hummer limo can be an incredible transportation option, as well as making for an amazing entrance. Perhaps you can hire some of the cute boys at your school to make a human staircase for you to exit the pink hummer limousine like Cleopatra of the Nile. Alternatively, you and your friends could enjoy dancing in the sunroof and in the backseat as your driver carries you wherever you want to go.

So the case is clear, if your sweet sixteen is coming up, beg your parents to get you a pink hummer limo. You will truly be the Belle of the Ball when you arrive in your hot pink limo.

Pink is a Smoking Hot Accessory. Think Pink With a Pink Hummer Limo

July 7, 2011

Pink is the color of universal love and compassion. It’s a quiet color that suggests softness, sweetness, innocence,

Think Pink When Renting A Limo.

youthfulness, tenderness and romance.

Lovers of beauty favor pink. It provides feelings of caring, tenderness and acceptance.

Pink tends to represent bubblegum, cotton candy and “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

What better way to show your significant other, or someone you truly care about than renting them a pink hummer limo?

They will be tickled pink with the creativity, thoughtfulness and uniqueness. The experience will be extra sweet and special thanks to the pink color.

Pink epitomizes joy and happiness.

So why not think pink when renting a limo? Add pizazz to your ride.

Adding a bouquet of pink carnations or roses inside probably wouldn’t hurt the special moment either.