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The Hottest 2013 Limousine Trends: Ride in Style

January 2, 2013

Chrysler White Prom LimousineThe elegance of a black or white stretch Lincoln town car limousine provides room for many people to ride in style to any event. This classic limo look offers a tried-and-true method of exceptional transportation, but things are changing and new vehicles are now included in top limousines service company fleets. The hottest new limo styles for 2013 include new styles, colors and ones designed to offer the most unforgettable party atmospheres.

Classic Rolls Royce limousines in wedding white offer the utmost in elegance and style to the bride and groom on their big day. Think of movie stars and royalty, and imagine yourself alighting from the car just as they did. Classic limousines of yesteryear are popular for the most romantic excursions.

For those who prefer a more modern approach, consider SUV limousines. Cadillac Escalades and Hummer limos cruise the roads with ultimate style. With room for more than twenty people to relax in sleek comfort and enjoy the bar, video screens and high tech sound systems, these limousines provide a party for you and your friends even before you get to where you’re going. They will surely be eye-catching as you pull up at the door.

Limousine service companies offer more options in more styles and colors that ever before. Whether you go for a vintage white or black Rolls Royce limo, with its sensuous lines and plush interior, or a bright pink or yellow Hummer for a bachelorette party or just a girl’s night out, 2013 brings the hottest trends in limousines.


How To Rent A NYC Bachelor Party Limo

March 9, 2012

What better way to make a bachelor or bachelorette party completely unforgettable, than to hire a limousine service. A limo can be a great way to coordinate a night out, and provide a designated driver who is intimately familiar with the new york city streets to carry you and your party from point A to point B safely, and in superb luxury.

However, hiring a limousine service can be confusing, and the procedures are not common knowledge. Limousine companies exist on a spectrum of quality and customer service from extremely poor, to world-class. Here are some instructions to help you navigate the hiring process so you have the best NYC Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Limo experience.

1.     Decide on your budget. How much is each person in the party willing to chip in? How much can you afford? Depending on the company the length of the ride and the style or size of the vehicle can vary greatly.
2.     Find companies that fit your needs. Make sure the company offers an appropriate vehicle for your party. It’s always a good idea to see it in person before making the reservation.
3.     Decide how long the party will last. Most companies charge by hour, so if you know in advance how long you’ll have the limo, it will help negotiate the best prices.
4.     Proof of Insurance. The company should be able to show you their proof of insurance to protect their passengers.
5.     Booking Confirmation. Once you’ve booked your party with the limo service they should send a confirmation to guarantee you the vehicle you requested.
6.     Make sure that it is not a shared ride. In some cases people have rented limos only to find that it was booked with another party and you have to ride with strangers. It sounds odd, but it happens.
7.     Cancellation policy. Most companies will charge a penalty or refuse to give a full refund, depending on how far in advance you cancel.
8.     Confirm. Always call two days prior to the event to confirm your reservation.

Bachelorette Party in NYC = Pink Hummer Limousine

November 23, 2011

Alright ladies, listen up. The wedding season is upon us, and women are about to start gettin’ hitched like hotcakes. This means that there will be bachelorette parties galore, and brides and bridesmaids alike will be tripping over their skirts not to be outdone, and to plan the very best last-romp, over-the-top, amazing bachelorette party! And nothing, I repeat, nothing says “Bachelorette Party”… like a pink hummer limousine.

I don’t even have to list the benefits for you to understand how incredible your BP could be in one of these, but I will:

  • First off, whether you go the wild and rowdy last-night-out route, or the quiet, calm and classy route, you know that wherever the day/night takes you, you’ll arrive in style. Nothing says “luxury” like a limousine, and having a pink hummer limousine adds that “pretty in pink” uniqueness.
  • Secondly, you automatically have a designated driver without losing a crucial member of your party, or worse, taking the risk of getting a DUI.
  • To top it all off, this D.D. is super knowledgeable about all the hottest spots in the city that never sleeps! Ask your limo driver for the most relaxing day spas, the best cuisine, and the most popular bars (and strip clubs if it’s going to be that kind of party!) and they will be helpful and accommodating; they’re experts!

These limos fit up to 20 passengers, they include a television, a DVD player, a CD sound system, ice bins, glasses and flutes, essentially everything you need to have a one-of-a-kind, high-class, unforgettable bachelorette party. What more could a girl want?