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Traveling to Connecticut? Follow These Tips for Renting a Limo

August 20, 2010

Instead of driving to Connecticut for the weekend, arrive in style in a Cadillac Escalade limo like this one.

Going to Connecticut for a business meeting or a weekend vacation? Save the hassle of driving and rent a limo instead. Never considered renting a limo? We have a few tips to follow, so you’ll be sure to rent the right limo for the occasion that you and your guests will enjoy.

First you must decide on the type of Connecticut limo. Do you want a standard stretch, super stretch, SUV, Hummer, Escalade, Party Bus or Rolls Royce? Also think about what color you want. Limos usually come in black or white, but Five Towns Limo has Hummers in pink and also in yellow. The number of passengers you have might be the decision maker because certain limos hold only a certain amount of passengers. For instance, if you have 6-10 passengers you will want to choose between the Lincoln Town Car limo and the Chrysler 300c luxury limo. However if you have a larger party, such as 12-26 people you’ll be deciding between the Hummer limo and the Cadillac Escalade limo.

When you call to inquire about renting a limo, remember that you get what you pay for. If you call a few different limo companies and one has a significantly lower hourly rate, it probably means the limos are older and they may be run-down. It’s a better idea to pay the extra $5-15 in order to make sure your limo is in great condition and your driver is professional. Sometimes if you are renting more than one limo in or traveling to Connecticut, you may be able to get discounts on the second vehicle, so make sure you ask.

Other things you should think about before choosing a limo service in Connecticut is how long the company has been in businesses and whether they have positive testimonials from past clients. If they do, it’s a good chance that they’re reliable and professional and you’ll be satisfied with their service.

Find out how big the company’s limo fleet is as well as whether the limos have A/C or heat in the passenger area. Also think about how long you need the limo for and find out if there are minimum hour requirements. Another good question to ask is if gratuity included in the final price. After all of these questions are answered, ask if you can make an appointment to come see the limo you’ll be renting in person before you make a final commitment. This will ease your mind that you won’t have any unfortunate surprises the day of the event.

While you’re visiting, check out what the limo drivers are wearing. Some companies have a standard uniform while others do not. The appearance of the driver is just as important as the appearance of the limo, so make sure the drivers appear professional and clean-cut.

After you’ve decided on a limo company that meets all of your requirements and asked all the appropriate questions listed above, you should be ready to make a commitment and reserve a limo. The day of the event, rest assured that you’ve chosen the right limo company and now after all of your hard work and research, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the limo ride.