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Which limousine do I pick for my Prom and how? Part 2

February 20, 2015

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There are many types of limousines to choose from.  Which do I choose? Most people want a limo that will exude the fact that you have arrived. Not a bad start. However, your limousine should have all the permits and proper insurance that New York State requires. By asking the limousine company to produce these documents should suffice. Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the limousine itself.

The limousine should be large enough to accommodate your group and then some. Overcrowding is unsafe and if your limo is stopped by the authorities on prom night, it can be confiscated, and you’ll have to walk for the remainder of the night, (not fun).

Now, let’s get to the “you’ve arrived part”.  Some like the jet door, some like funky color limos, some like the transformer type, and some like party buses.  Whichever you like, discuss the differences with your friends and go for it.   Remember to shop early in the prom year. This will assure that you are getting the pick of the litter. People that procrastinate have little choices towards prom year’s end. Most importantly, visit the limousine company, view the limousine you’ve chosen and document everything you are expecting from the company in the form of a written and signed contract. Eighteen-year-olds are legal in the state of New York to sign a contract.  Mom, Dad this one is for you, if you are dealing with a limousine company that can accommodate more than 14 passengers in any of their limousines, they are governed by The New York State Department of Transportation, better known as NYSDOT. Being good parents, and I’m sure you are you’d be interested in the limousine companies’ safety record.  As your child will be riding in their vehicles. Sounds difficult, not to despair. Go to / go to fmcsa searches / click company snapshot / enter the companies USDOT # or MC # or the company’s name.  The Company Snapshot is a concise electronic record of a company’s identification, size, commodity information, and safety record, including the safety rating (if any), a roadside out-of-service inspection summary, and crash information. The Company Snapshot is available via an ad-hoc query (one carrier at a time) free of charge. Be guided by what you read. Of course, a 100% company safety record would be ideal.  If this article was helpful, please click the like button and visit us at and follow us. Leave your email on our site to be added to our monthly mailing newsletter where we discuss articles of importance and give special consideration to our special enrollees.



Prepare for Prom Season with Our New York and Connecticut Area Prom Limousines

November 13, 2011

As the new year swiftly approaches, high school students ready themselves for a college and the rest of their future. High school memories become a large part of any child’s life as they grow into young adults, and prom is an experience that will last a lifetime. Limousine services offer kids the unique opportunity to ride in luxury to their school dance, but it also provides parents a safe alternative of everyone driving him- or herself.

Consult a limousine service about which models are available on the night of your child’s prom. If your son or daughter has a large group of friends that all want to stay close for this special night, a limousine party bus might be the perfect solution. For smaller parties, a classic limousine town car makes a perfect transportation of choice. Each model comes with a variety of options and features, some may or may not be useful to a group of teenagers. Feel free to ask the limousine service what all comes with a rental and find the right vehicle for the group’s budget and needs.

Make your reservation and pay a deposit to secure your limousine rental for the specific night needed. Call at least three weeks in advance to ensure you get the best model for your prom group’s specific requirements. You never want to settle with what’s available, because it might be too big or too small for the number of passengers. The customer service representatives at limousine rental companies are there to help you make the best choice for your budget, so utilize their expertise as much as you can. Prom night only happens a few times in a young adult’s life, and you want to make sure it’s a lasting, positive experience.