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Plan a Perfect Sightseeing Tour in New Jersey

March 11, 2011

Spirit of New Jersey Dinner Cruise

Traveling to New Jersey? Explore some of the most amazing sights the state has to offer by reserving a local limo service so you can fully enjoy all that New Jersey has to offer and leave the driving to a professional chauffeur.

Here are some legendary sightseeing tours that you must see in New Jersey.

1. A Taste of Wine & History Tour in Atlantic City: Indulge in fine wines and shopping in Atlantic City. You will have the chance to tour Renault Winery, one of the country’s oldest wineries. Stop in at Renault’s Glass Museum and view antique wine equipment, and don’t miss out on sampling some of Renault’s best selections in the tasting room! End the day in Smithville, a small, historic village filled with activities including train rides, a carousel, and paddleboats.

2. Harbor Cruise in Atlantic City: This late afternoon cruise is perfect for the whole family. Journey across the harbors and marinas bordering Brigantine Beach and Atlantic City. Tour the historic area of Gardner’s Basin, and pay a visit to the Ocean Life Center. After all the activities are over, stroll along the docks and enjoy the spectacular view.

3. Spirit of New Jersey Dinner Cruise: Cruise the New York Harbor in style! Dance the night away in the lounge and enjoy fine dining with live entertainment. Party hard (your limo will be waiting for you at the end of the night) and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the harbor.

New Jersey FAQ: What are the Best Casinos in Atlantic City?

February 25, 2011

Planning to gamble in Atlantic City, New Jersey? Book a limo party bus and arrive at one of the area’s best casinos in style!

Here are the top three casinos in Atlantic City.

  1. Bally’s Atlantic City: This lavish casino is one of the larger gambling venues in Atlantic City. Take a ride on the 93-foot escalator and enjoy a breathtaking view of cascading waterfalls as you approach the casino. The playful, confetti-covered carpet and decorative murals spice up the 80,000 square-foot gaming area.
  2. Resorts Atlantic City: This elegant boardwalk casino was the city’s first gambling venue. The casino is illuminated by welcoming, comfortable neon lighting. The gaming area spans over 70,000 square feet, and includes some non-smoking tables and slot machines.
  3. Tropicana Casino and Resort: Located in the largest hotel in Atlantic City, this 124,000 square-foot casino is the hot spot for slot machine maniacs. The lavish Crystal Room allows gamblers to play slots in a private area, with games ranging from $2-$100. Classic table games are also available in this elegant gambling venue.

Limousine Etiquette: Worst 5 Ways to Treat a Limo Driver in New Jersey

January 28, 2011

Following proper limo etiquette is a key factor in determining the quality of your ride experience. While exploring cities in the New Jersey area, you may want to arrange to be picked up by a local limo service. Keep in mind that you will need to be a respectful passenger. In order to receive the best customer service, it is important to know how to behave throughout the experience.

Here are some of the worst ways to treat a limo driver. These poor behaviors should be avoided anytime you are riding in a limo.

* Lack of respect: Even though the driver is seated away from the rest of the riders, it is important for passengers to display their utmost respect. This will allow the driver to focus on maintaining a safe, pleasant ride for the customers.

* Unruly, risky behaviors: Out-of-control behaviors will only create unwanted distractions for the driver, thus putting the safety of all passengers in jeopardy.

* Disrupting the job of the driver: Moving in and out of seats while the limo is in motion can create chaos. Stay in one seat, and let the driver locate a safe spot to park/drop off all passengers before exiting the vehicle. Also, allow the driver to open your doors instead of rushing out on your own.

* Creating a mess: One of the most disrespectful things a customer can do is to leave the limo messy at the end of the trip. Treat the limo as if it were your own car or better.

* Leaving an inadequate tip: The general rule for tipping a limo driver is to give him/her 10-15 percent of the rental fee. Be sure to have the tip ready before leaving the limo.

When riding around the New Jersey area, proper limo etiquette is crucial to a rewarding limo experience. Before booking a ride with a limo service, be sure you know how to show appreciation for your driver.