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Going Green In Style With Hybrid Limousines

January 19, 2012

It seems like everywhere you go, you see more and more hybrids. You neighbor has one, your friend has one, you might even have one; they’re everywhere. And why not? Saving gas, saving money and saving the world sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Well believe it or not, New York City limousines, and others around the country, are jumping on the going-green bandwagon as well.

Think about it. When you pay for a limousine service, you’re not only paying for comfort, luxury, and a stylish, worry-free way to get around on a special occasion, but you’re also paying for gas. As gas prices go up, so do limo prices. So wouldn’t it make sense to have a more fuel-efficient limo? They exist, some with up to 80 percent fuel savings. That’s going to be 80 percent easier for your wallet.

Some smart Canadians put two 6-door Toyota Priuses together to make a lovely custom-built, environmentally conscious limousine that almost looks photoshopped since the finish is so flawless. And it still gets 50 mpg.

The company that built the world’s first Hybrid SUV stretch limo was also responsible for a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid limo, to which they added 13 feet. When these hybrid limos are parked, they don’t have to run and use gas to power to fancy toys inside – flat screen TVs, karaoke machines, neon lights, sound system – they actually use electricity, which saves a ton on gas!

Hybrids seemed like science fiction at first, and now they’re taking over. Will traditional limos be next to in line to get green? It’s possible that the next time you step into a limo, you could be able to do so with a clean conscience, doing your part for the environment in style.


Plan the Best Weekend in New York City: Have a Limo Service Take You to These Events

November 11, 2010

NYC is the best place to live on the weekends. Rent a limo and attend all three of these awesome events.

The weekend is approaching and the good thing about New York City is there’s always something to do. If you haven’t planned anything yet for this weekend, call some friends and attend one of these fabulous New York events in a stylish limo.

Thursday, November 11: Tonight go see unique works of art in the annual exhibit, “Canstruction” at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center. It’s unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before because the pieces are made from canned goods. The best part is, when the exhibit is over, the canned goods are donated to City Harvest.

Saturday, November 13: Love vintage clothing? Then arrive in style to the annual Pier Show. Get dressed up and attend this fabulous New York City event in a classic Lincoln Town Car limo. Have a fun night out checking out a paradise of vintage clothing and accessories.

Sunday, November 14: Wind down from the weekend’s events by going to see soft indie rock favorite, Sufjan Stevens at the Beacon Theatre. His enchanting new album will put you right at ease.

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