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Why Get a Limo for Prom?

September 21, 2012

New York PromWhy wouldn’t you want to feel like a celebrity on your prom day? You will definitely have the looks, so you should also get the ride that suits for this special day. Find out more about what a luxury prom limousine gives you and the variety of different limos that Five Towns Limousine has to offer.

Let’s face it. Prom is all about having fun and looking awesome. If you want to make the greatest impression ever, then you should rent a limo. Your photos from the prom will be awesome. Your prom date and friends are going to feel extra special going to prom in the classiest limousine ever. If you rent a limo from Five Towns Limousine, there are so many special things waiting for you. You will have free non-alcoholic drinks provided in the limousine and as much space as you want, because Five Towns Limousine offers limos with seating for as few as two, or up to 50 prom-goers.

Choose your own ride
Five Towns Limousine has a variety of different limos available to select from. You can choose the one that fits your budget, number of seats or even aesthetic taste.

If you need a prom limousine for up to 10 people, you may want to choose a Lincoln Town Car Luxury Limousine, available in black, white or silver.  The interior includes everything you’ll need to ride to the prom in style: a bar with glassware and ice bins, CD sound system, TV and DVD, as well as a cabin partition between you and the driver.

The Chrysler 300c Luxury Limousine is really elegant and classy. It is available in black, seating  6 to 8 passengers, or in white, with seating for 2 extra riders. Both Chrysler 300c’s include a cabin partition and an elegant bar with drinks, ice and glasses. These luxury limos are fully equipped with a CD system, TV and DVD player, so entertainment is included.

You can also ride with 25 of your closest friends! The Hummer H2 seats anywhere from 12 to 26 passengers.  It can be selected in either white, pink or yellow; so go ahead and choose your favorite.

The Cadillac Escalade prom luxury limousine is available in pearl white and hot pink, so it is a great choice for all the girls (up to 24) that want to have fun. Both of these have bars, cabin partitions and TV-CD-DVD at your disposal.

And don’t forget, if you want to go to prom with the whole class, you can get the Motor Coach Luxury Limo-Bus. With this vehicle, 50 friends can ride together and enjoy a full stereo and video system and even the convenience of a restroom.

You deserve the best in life, so rent a prom limousine from Five Towns Limousine.


Want an Unforgettable Prom Night? Hire a Long Island Prom Limo!

December 4, 2011

Prom: It’s kind of a big deal. And by big, I mean HUGE. This is a night that you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s basically second only to your wedding! With that being said, that the best way for you and your friends to have the most unforgettable prom night ever is to hire a Long Island Prom Limo.

You may think it’s too soon, but if you want the perfect prom, then you need to start planning now! Before you know it, spring will be here. And you do not want to be shopping or planning last-minute; all the good stuff gets snatched up early.

It is more than likely that a) you have a big group of friends and you all want to go together, but you all want to meet up first and go together in one car, or b) you and your sweetheart want to have a wonderful, romantic and enchanting evening together.

To both of these I say: Limo. It’s guaranteed to get you noticed when you arrive, it’s the best way to get a larger number of people (most limos fit 2 to 50) there and back safely, and there is nothing classier or more exciting than getting to ride in limo-luxury.

To review: Fit all your friends in one awesome car (all of you can split the cost!), revel in romantic luxury with your date, show up in style, feel like a celebrity, party all night and get home safely. Sounds like an awesome prom? Yeah, I thought so.

Like I said, it is a little early in the game. But if you’re smart, you know that if you want this night to be perfect then you need to plan ahead. (Side note: hurry up and ask that crush to be your date before someone else does!) This is going to be one of the most memorable nights of your life, so make sure that it’s perfect by hiring a limousine. You know you want to.

Tips For Parents For a Safe Prom in a NYC Limo

April 2, 2010

Taking a NYC limo to prom will ensure your teen has a magical evening that they will never forget.

Although prom is one of the most important night of your child’s high school life, it can be very stressful for parents considering the reputation prom nights have in the media. Many parents worry their children may be engaging in inappropriate behavior on their prom night. Here are some tips for parents to ensure their child and his or her friends will have a safe, fun prom.

  • Hire a NYC limo for your child’s prom group. This will ensure that your child gets to prom safely by avoiding kids piling in an inexperienced teen’s small car, being distracted and potentially getting into an accident. Your child will not hate you for being “overprotective,” they’ll be happy to be riding to prom in style. Don’t be afraid to ask about the NYC limo driver’s driving history to make sure your kid is in safe hands.
  • Make sure your child lets you know who they will be with all night, if possible get the phone numbers of the teen’s parents in case of an emergency. Get the addresses of any after-parties your child is planning to attend.
  • Find out who will be supervising the prom and after-parties. Speak directly with the parents supervising after-parties that are not hosted by the school. Some parents allow underage drinking, which is why it is important to express your concerns to them so you are all on the same page.
  • Consider volunteering to chaperon the prom after-party hosted by the school, to make sure there are enough responsible parents supervising.
  • Make sure your teen knows how to deal with difficult situations where they may be peer pressured into trying drugs or alcohol. Explain how to handle situations the correct way until your teen is comfortable and confident. Luckily, by hiring a NYC limo, you will eliminate the problem of your child getting into a car with someone who is under the influence.
  • Make sure your teen knows how to get a hold of you during the night and that they have a cell phone that’s fully charged in case of an emergency.
  • Wait up for your teen so you can talk to them about their night when they get home and make sure they are home okay. Let them know you are going to wait up, this will cut the chances of your teen engaging in drinking or drugs during the night because they know they will have to come home and talk to you.

By following these tips you will greatly increase the chances of your teen having a safe night and making the right decisions on prom night while still having a fun time. Hiring a NYC limo for your teen and their group of friends is easy, call (516) 374-2545 or go online to Five Towns Limo.