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Creating Camera Worthy Moments, Your Wedding! Part 2

August 16, 2012

ny limoYour limousine will make a statement about you on your wedding day. Your guests will often be left in awe by the presentation of your arrival and exits. They will be true camera worthy moments. Isn’t that what you want your wedding to be: each moment, worthy of a photo?

Would these represent camera worthy moments to you:

–  Rolling up in a 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith – a true mark of decadence and grandeur

–  Making your entrance in the classic styling’s of a white or black Lincoln Town Car Stretch – with classic feel and opulence

–  Arriving in “The SUV of the Decade” (according to The Robb Report) in your own white, Yellow, or Pink H2 Hummer – with seating of 20 to 27 passengers for after the ceremony

–  Enjoying the sheer feeling of privacy, class, and dignity of a Cadillac Escalade 24 passenger limousine

Your day, your style, your flavor, your camera worthy moments. There will be certain moments that will last a lifetime for you and your guests; be sure those include your arrival and departure. Beyond the exterior of quality, all of the interior can and will be filled with your taste and desires. You can request the finest aged port, to the most elegant of champagnes. It is your day, it is at your request, and it shall be exactly as you wish.

Expect nothing less on your day. Your New York, Manhattan wedding is your time to shine, and it will be our pleasure to provide service to you on this special day. Five Towns Limousine provides impeccable and memorable services. From Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens to Staten Island, we are the most superior limousine service provider in New York, without question. While choosing your transportation, you will be hosted and treated with the utmost care. We want to make those camera worthy moments happen for you.


2012: The Year Of Weddings – Have You Popped The Question Yet?

February 8, 2012

2012 promises to be a year when big things can happen. The world is pretty busy right now; politically, socially, and envrionmentally, nothing is too certain. This promises to be a not-too-quiet year, especially because 1) it’s the last time that there will be a sequential date (last year it was November 11, 2011). December 12, 2012 is going to be the last time the dates will align so perfectly, and if you haven’t heard, the world is supposedly going to end a few days after that… My conclusion? If you’re going to get married, do it this year! Here is some advice to make popping the question easy and stress-free.

To have the most romantic proposal, you need to have the perfect chariot for your perfect woman, and rent an NYC limousine for your wedding. It is by far the best way to lavish your bride-to-be, and say, “I’m serious about us.” You’re lady will be swept off her feet when you arrive to pick her up in your elegant ride.

If you’re not sure where to ask your woman if she’ll embark on life’s journey with you, think of places you have been as a couple that particularly sticks out in your mind. Maybe you met at the local park, or had a date at a particularly picturesque view. Popping the question after enjoying a gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant is always a classic, and makes for great photos. Imagine how surprised your lady will be if, after you’ve asked her to spend a lifetime of happiness with you, you ride away together in an elegant black New York City limousine?

Your Picture-Perfect NYC Wedding Limousine

December 16, 2011

Planning for your big day to take place in the big apple? It is by far the most romantic and magical setting you could have for this most special occasion, and if you want the elegant and flawless wedding of your dreams, then you need to put the cherry on top of your day and hire the perfect limousine!

With a NYC wedding limousine, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable entrance and departure. Wherever your wedding day takes you, there will be a touch of elegance and class to make your day shine even brighter, with a spacious limo that is roomy enough to safely fit that once-in-a-lifetime gown. You can have your limo tailored to meet your specific needs, by filling it with your favorite snacks -to quell those butterflies of anticipation in your stomach- or stock it with your favorite chilled wine or champagne when it’s time to celebrate!

The chauffeurs are familiar with the busy New York City streets; they are knowledgeable, professional and will take all of the stress out of transportation. You’ve probably gone through enough anxiety making sure that everything is as perfect as it possibly can be for this happy day; you should be able to rest assured that you will arrive on time and in style, and let yourself relax and enjoy the bliss of your wedding.

This is such an exciting time! And in your beautiful new life together, the memories of this day will live on forever. So make them extra special, give yourself the royal treatment for the day, and let the perfect limo to take you to your Happily Ever After!