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Hire A NYC Wedding Limo To Attend Your Daughter’s Wedding In Class and Comfort

May 3, 2012

Your little girl has finally grown up and fallen in love with the man of her dreams. You’ve done a great job raising this beautiful little girl, giving her the education and opportunities you wish you could have had in life. Luckily, along the way she met a man that takes care of her and loves her as deeply and as warmly as you do.

Now that her big day is here, you want to enjoy it to the maximum and not worry about how you’ll get from point A to point B on her big day. A NYC wedding limo service can equip you with a luxury ride from any new york airport or hotel to the big ceremony.

You’ve worked long and hard to give your daughter all of the opportunities in life that you wish you had had. Now that you’re giving away her hand in marriage, you deserve to give yourself a break and enjoy watching her blossom into womanhood. You and your spouse deserve to treat yourself to a limo to help you get around on the big day. This can be a huge stress reliever if you’re not familiar with the ceremony’s location. A licensed driver will pick you up from your hotel, airport, or home and use his expert navigational skills and experience with the New York City streets to get you to your destination in style and on time.

Every limousine comes with complementary champagne, plush leather seats, and an incredible sound system to help you relax or calm your nerves before you give your little girl away. Reserve your limo today to celebrate this wonderful union in elegance and style!

Wedding Elegance: How To Stand Out With a NYC Wedding Limo

March 4, 2012

Did your heart melt when your man dropped to one knee, pulled out that velvety little box, and said the four words every woman wants to hear: “Will you marry me?”

You are about to embark on a lifetime of love, adventure and happiness as you integrate your life with your man’s. Your wedding serves as a celebration and an unforgettable symbol of your love for one another. All of your family and friends will be there to see you, gorgeous as ever in your beautiful wedding gown, about to swear your life to another. Don’t you want this day to resonate for all of time as one of the most beautiful and elegant days of your life?

Well, it can with a NYC wedding limo. A limo service can add a touch of dignity and elegance to your ceremony, in addition to providing a luxuriously comfortable, stylish means of getting around on your big day.

Here are a couple of ways a wedding limo can help make your wedding day spectacular!

Make A Grand Entrance
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, having a limo drop you off to walk down the aisle can make a very powerful statement. Imagine all of your friends and family seated, watching the bridal party walk down the aisle, waiting to see you. Suddenly the bridal march starts to play, and as everyone turns to look, in you roll in an elegant limousine. The limousine drops you off at the aisle, where you begin your walk. Just imagine the awesome wedding photos that will come of this incredible entrance!

Transporting Your Bridal Party In Style
Perhaps you and your bridal party will be getting your hair and makeup done elsewhere than your wedding venue on your big day. A limo service can take  you and all of your closest girls from point A to point B in style, class, and safety. This allows you to kick back, enjoy a flute of champagne, and truly soak in your wedding day.

Making Your Getaway
After you and your man have tied the knot, you’re undoubtedly going to need a classy chariot to make your getaway. Nothing says grace and elegance like a limo service to take you and your honey off into the sunset, cans rattling along behind you from the bumper, and a big “Just Married” sign on the back window. What better way to make your getaway and celebrate your union with the man of your dreams?